Argan Oil

Argan Oil Is A Plant Oil Produced From The Kernels Of The Argan Tree Which Is Indigenous To Morocco And Southwestern Algeria , It Is Used For  Some Cosmetics Purposes When It Has Been Squeezed In Cold Temperature Without Hot Roasting To Keep The Most Important Elements In The Extraction As The Essentially Fatty  Acids Omega6, Omega9 And Antioxidants Specially Vitamin E. Also It Is Used As A Moisturizer, Nourishing And Restorative For The Skin, Hair And Nails. It Nourishes, Restores And Softens Damaged, Tired And Split Hair - With Split Ends - And It Also Restores Freshness And Vitality To The Hair And Skin In General. As An Agent To Tighten The Skin And Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Stretch Lines On The Abdomen And Thighs. Results Begin To Appear Within A Few Days Of Use, Usually 7-15 Days, And Improvement Increases With Continued Use.

The Best Time To Use Argan Oil And Its Best Absorption Is On Completely Clean Skin And Completely Clean Hair, Especially After Showering, As It Is Easily Absorbed And Does Not Leave Any Traces, And The Benefits Are Better And The Results Appear Faster.